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Flower Power Buckle


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Quintessential Roland Brady, this buckle combines the yin of flowers wth the yang of heavy-duty, tufa cast silver.

Enormously creative, and very exacting, this artist produces relatively few pieces, but each one is a true gem in design and execution.

His work will always be recognized for its quality of design and meticulous workmanship, as well as for its uniqueness.

The Navajo culture is very important to Roland, as is a profound spirituality that encompasses all of nature.

In this latest piece, he combines both: the symmetry of the design speaks to the Navajo ideal of balance and harmony; the subject matter, stylized feathers, little blossoms, reflects his love of the natural world.

Strength and sensitivity are both evoked in this unique buckle.

Tufa cast on top, the tongue and cross bars  are hand fabricated and soldered on, separately.

There is a lot of silver in this handsome piece.

It marvelously combines vigorous, substantial silver work, pleasingly repetitive linear elements, polish and darker surfaces, and the unexpected, but very successful, floral touches.

Real men can deal with a few little flowers, and real women can accommodate rugged heft and design

This buckle is for everyone – everyone with confidence, and appreciation for the unique.




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Sterling Silver


2 1/4" W x 1 7/8" H