Sterling Silver Cosmic Cuff


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This artist has been characterized as “a top award-winning, contemporary jeweler and designer…capable of making almost any design that he envisions.” (Schaaf: “American Indian Jewelry 1”)

He has amassed over 200 award ribbons in his 30-year career.

Proving his skill, and artistic vision, is this intriguing bracelet, perfect in its simplicity.

Slightly concave, it is smooth as silk on the arm; it gleams like satin, too.

A subtle texture covers the interior, and extends to the edges. Otherwise, the spare, deeply etched pattern is the only decoration.

The fascinating design is inspired by the cosmos, according to the artist.

Circles and crosses, together with the sharply peaked triangular designs, can be interpreted as planets, stars, etc. and their orbits.

It’s up to the owner to decide and describe, because there will be lots of admiring questions.

Serene and simple, this bracelet offers a quiet, pristine beauty.

Other pieces might offer bravura fireworks of design, which is definitely eye-catching, but absolute simplicity leaves no room at all for flaws, and is therefore even more difficult.

Duane Maktima can do both, beautifully.


Additional information


Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 1/2"

Gap Size

1 1/8"

Wrist Size

6 5/8"