Sterling Silver Cardinal Pendant


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Following in the long tradition of fine Zuni lapidary work, Ruddell and Nancy Laconsello are contemporary masters.

A quintessential example of the collaborative artistry of these married artists, they are particularly famous for their exquisite bird designs.

Ruddell provides the silverwork and Nancy does the inlaid and etched stonework, and all of it is flawless.

Their intricately inlaid birds and flora are amazingly detailed and thoroughly beautiful.

This eye-catching pendant features a dazzlingly precise, vivid, and detailed, inlaid cardinal perched on a wildflower branch.

The silver is a graceful, expansive teardrop, whose brilliant polish contrasts with the natural coral, turquoise, pen shell, jet, and white shell.

Amazingly tiny lines of inlaid jet form the eyes, throat, and other spots throughout the bird.

Even tinier slivers of jet radiate from the red coral centers of the white wildflower.

Swinging prettily as you move, and flashing in the light, this pendant is as mercurial, colorful, and fascinating as the vibrant cardinal it depicts.

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Chinese turquoise, Jet, Natural Coral, Penshell, Sterling Silver, White Shell


1 3/4"