Sterling Silver Candle Holders


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Known for jewelry of elegant simplicity, the artist has moved effortlessly into equally sublime hollow ware.

Created with the exquisite hand craftsmanship for which this artist is widely admired and honored, these are candle holders of pure, classic beauty.

With no ornamentation to camouflage any minor flaws, the minimalist perfection of this pair is breathtaking.

The design is a play on subtle curves, the better to reflect candlelight’s soft glow.

Even without candles at all, they are exquisite silver sculptures; jewelry for the table, sideboard or mantel.

Just as the mid-twentieth century Scandinavian silver pieces of George Jensen are avidly collected heirlooms, these candle holders by a premier Navajo silversmith will be treasured for many generations to come.

What a perfect new home, wedding or anniversary gift!

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Sterling Silver


3 7/8" L x 2 1/8" W x 1" H Each, To hold 1" tapered candles