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Sterling Silver and Coral Manta-Style Pin


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Lee is a highly respected, happily collected jeweler. His inspiration is often rooted in the past, but blossoms in the here and now, as in this beautiful pin.Sinuous curves, fans of chiseled lines, and a pleasing, symmetrical balance give this pin a faintly art deco look, but the origin is much older: Pueblo and Navajo women used horizontal pins like this to hold their clothing together, as well as for adornment. This interpretation is sleekly formed and beautifully finished. The gorgeous, natural red coral in the center is handsomely set off by a circlet of tiny silver beads, and the two chiseled fan shapes at top and bottom. The rounded and gleamingly polished ends terminate in little curlicues, and echo the tapered curves of the fan shapes. A couple of parallel chiseled line patterns on each add to the pleasing symmetryThe origin is old, and the contemporary version is definitely a goodie: beautiful workmanship, beautiful design, beautiful finish.

Sterling Silver, Natural Coral

Width: 3 1/8″ Height: 1 5/8″