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Stepped Druzy Pendant


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Acclaimed jewelers Steve LaRance and Marian Denipah have equally creative offspring, including a world champion hoop dancer. Now, Cree, is joining the family of jewelers, with a charmer of a pendant.

Delicately stamped silver is stepped and dotted; traditional rain symbols. The bail, however, is stamped with tiny hearts, bringing tradition up to the present.

Beautifully filed, the silver bezel snugly holds another non-traditional element: a caramel colored druzy. Druzies are a collection of natural crystals that accrete to a host rock – like the inside of geodes.

This one has the color and texture of candied ginger. With its mellow gold hue and sugary sparkles, it is a lovely contrast to the icy smooth silver.

Simple, modest in size, but instantly noticeable, this is a very well-made, very pretty, pendant.  Wear it on a chain, a narrow choker, a ribbon, or leather; it will look lovely with everything.


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Druzy, Sterling Silver


2" L including Bail x 3/4" W