“Staying Centered Through the Chaos”

Antoinette Thompson


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In A. Thompson’s own words:

“I did this painting after I got home from Chicago. I had so many emotions about what was happening with the pandemic and how it affected my plans, everyone’s plans. I felt very angry, sad, confused, lost, unwanted, embarrassed and afraid. For about a week I kept seeing this figure, this sculpture coming from a painting. So one day I drove into town, about 2 hours away, got the supplies, came home and finished the art piece. All the emotions I was feeling came out in that piece. It’s the traveling, it’s Chicago meets the reservation, it’s anger and fear emerging, it’s love and hate centered, it’s me, a human living and coping in this crazy time. It’s us, as human beings trying to Stay Centered Through the Chaos.

The art is a combination of all four sacred directions, the colors of the arrowheads represent the directions and circle the center sculpture. The sculpture is composed of parts of other art pieces I kept from Chicago and the studio. The sculpture is also a representation of the Navajo Gods. There are four canvases that meet to form a foundation, the sculpture is also you, me, us. It’s an expression of what I feel, and what I felt when I came home due to the pandemic.”


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