Star Wars Series Round Pin/Pendant

L. Eugene Nelson


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No one else makes jewelry remotely like his, and Eugene doesn’t make very many pieces, so you will be part of a very select and happy group with this pin/pendant.

Among the latest pieces of his long-running Star Wars series, this striking piece combines the allure of the well-bred circle pins of the 1950’s with the drama and edginess of tomorrow.

The artist trained as a draughtsman, and still works out his designs to scale, on paper, before doing the three-dimensional version.

Unusually, Eugene meticulously makes each component by hand, however small. Precision, innovation and intricacy are characteristics of his work.

Each silver filament, every little dot – everything – is fabricated by hand, from scratch.

Fourteen karat gold accents look radiant against the darkened silver background.

So do the rich tones of natural red coral, lapis and golden spiny oyster shell, as well as the gleaming sterling silver elements.

An oval turquoise, combining brilliant blue and deep matrix hues, is placed horizontally, seeming to keep the asymmetrical elements from flying off into space.

This piece goes from morning to night. It will earn admiration everywhere you wear it – and you ‘ll be the only one with anything like it.

So painstaking is his process, and such a perfectionist is the artist, that his designs and output are extremely limited.


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