Star Pattern Seed Pot with Bear Paws

Brian Delorme


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Brian’s recognized forte is fine-line painting, a traditional signature of Acoma pottery. Seed pots were used to conserve seeds over the winter, until planting time.

This unusually large and shapely seed pot shows the precision of his work, and his masterful sense of design.

The base clay is a natural, pure white, the signature of of Acoma pottery; sun-warmed orange is a natural clay slip.

The multitude of hair-width lines were each (!) painted by hand, with a natural paint made from steeping wild spinach leaves.

The parallel fine lines represent rain, prayed-for good luck in the desert. Thriving crops result, and happy, healthy people, as well.

The central starburst, surrounded by triangles of glowing orange, seems to represent the sun’s rays, balancing the rain for optimal harvests.

Fine-line starbursts cover the round seed pot in an intricately interwoven pattern.

Four, incised bear paws surround the black and white fine-line designs on the opposite side from the orange sun-rays.

Bears are powerful protectors, so these signs represent their guardianship of the seeds, extending to all four geographic directions.

All the elements are arranged to maximize the form of the globular piece, which the overall design beautifully achieves.

A beautifully formed seed pot, decorated with exacting precision and a remarkable esthetic sense.

Exceptional in every way, this is a very special piece.

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