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Standing Watermelon Koshare


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Blessed with the talent of her artist parents and brothers, her work has been shown in museums, and is ardently collected.

Kathleen also has cover-girl looks and a Julia Roberts-wattage smile.

Her gleeful Koshare figures are appealing, and exhibit that same contagious smile!

We are thrilled to have another original clay figure from this celebrated artist, because she often creates bronze multiples now, and/or series of figures for museum exhibits of her work.

Koshares are Pueblo clowns, with additional ceremonial duties, often depicted with watermelons, as here.

They burlesque inappropriate behavior, and it is hard to be delicate when eating watermelon!

With their broad stripes and dried corn husk tassels in the headdress, Koshares are readily identifiable, and a favorite Pueblo figure.

This is traditionally made, with native clays she gathers herself, hand-mixes, coils, smooths, paints with red clay slip and black vegetal paint, and fires in a pit in the ground.

Ditto for the watermelon slices and the bowl that holds them.

All the colors are natural clay slips, except the black, which comes from steeping wild spinach leaves.

Kathy’s happy clowns find homes all over the country, and she almost always sells out completely, the first day of Santa Fe Indian Market and other shows.

Recently, she won Best in Show at the Eiteljorg Museum show, one of the three most prestigious in the USA!

Light up your home with the happy smile of this gleeful, super-collectible fellow.

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Hand Processed Local Clay, Natural Pigments