Standing Mama & Three Kids Storyteller



Like other members of her extended family, Carol Lucero Gachupin creates primarily storyteller figures.

This pottery artist is noted for work that is formed and painted with exquisite clarity and detail.

Each elegant figure was individually fashioned from clay that was gathered, mixed, coiled, formed, pit-fired, and painted, by hand.

The naturalistic proportions and postures, attractive faces, and the wealth of meticulous detail, add up to a masterful example of storyteller art.

There is so much to appreciate: the decorated blanket around the mother’s shoulders that also shelters one little girl; the folded blanket that the older girl holds; the jewelry, the open book, the drum, the large plate, just for starters.

Each time you look, more details emerge, all of them delightful, very decorative, and impressive in concept and execution.


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Natural Clay, Natural Clay Slip and Vegetal Paint, Paint


7 1/2" high x 2 7/8" wide x 2 3/8" deep