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Standing Bear with Rainbow Blanket


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Marvin Jim started carving his appealing animals on the urging of his wife.

Women know best; he has become a major folk artist, whose whimsical, inventive, and utterly charming figures combine human and animal features!

This sweet bear is wearing a fancy shirt and traditional jewelry, wrapped in an eye-dazzling blanket in rainbow stripes.

One moccasin tip peeps out from below the draped blanket.

Bears are traditional guardians and protectors; this engaging fellow has a serious expression, that is a bit wistful.

His head is turned; looking for a new home? He will light up yours, with his colorful attire.

Can you resist his friendly, hopeful expression (especially at this price)?


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5 3/4" H x 3 3/8" W x 3" Deep


Painted Wood