Stamped Turquoise Manta Pin


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A highly respected jeweler with a legion of happy collectors, Lee’s inspiration is often rooted in the past, but is expressed in his own way, as in this beautiful pin.

Sinuous curves, little fans of chiseled lines, wonderful hand stamping, and a pleasing, symmetrical balance, to say nothing of the radiantly blue, natural turquoise, give this ornamental pin a victorian look.

The origin is different: Pueblo and Navajo women used horizontal pins like this to hold their clothing together, as well as for adornment and bragging rights.

The whole pin is a medley of sinuous curves, bisected by the straight lines of polished silver that shootout to each side, from the center.

These widen to display two vibrant blue, natural turquoise domes, with tinier, shimmering silver ones toward the center.

Feather-like fans end each of the four design elements, with a larger, gorgeous, matching natural turquoise stone holding the center.

Delicate and graduated stamped designs prettily accent the naja-like sides, with amazing precision.

Outstanding design, stones, and workmanship, create a remarkably beautiful pin that will embellish every lapel, hat, bag, or belt, you own.

Based on a classic, this pin is timeless.

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Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Sterling Silver


3" W X 1 1/2" H