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Stamped Sterling Chain


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When not camping, hiking, or playing his guitar, this eldest son of famed jeweler Allison Lee (Snow Hawk) creates marvelous jewelry, as he has since the age of 12.

This silver chain can double as a necklace on its own, or support your favorite pendant(s), especially if it/they have shepherds’ hooks.

Alternating circles and “squashed” rectangles create a pleasing rhythm.

Moreover, the rectangular links are each hand stamped, so there is a little texture to enliven the design.

It takes a lot of patience to make a chain like this: each link, round and not, has to be made individually.

Notice how the graceful and sturdy hook and eye clasp is also hand fabricated. And, the hook has a straight edge, to lie comfortably on the neck!

Scrupulously fashioned entirely by hand, this is a wonderful chain, on its own, and/or holding up a pendant.

If he can keep away from camping and music (joke), this jeweler has a brilliant future!

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Sterling Silver


24" L | Links are 1/4" W inside