Stamped Plate Bolo with Turquoise

Alvin Vandever


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A traditional Navajo, Alvin keeps a low personal profile, but his incredible work won Best of Jewelry at the prestigious Heard Museum Indian Art Market, the first show he ever entered, and the same at the Gallup Ceremonial, the second time he entered a piece, at our urging!

Channeling the fabled metal artists of the Renaissance, Alvin Vandever is inspired and skilled enough to create wearable masterpieces that will be enjoyed for centuries – like this spectacular bolo.

With consummate skill, and close attention to every detail, he has stamped, chiseled, and formed, a remarkable piece of silver art, down to the stamped and incised tips.

Like the cherry atop a luscious sundae, but infinitely more beautiful, he placed a fabulous, natural Morenci turquoise at the center of the raised section.

Not content with merely making a dish of heavy-gauge silver, with a miraculously regular stepped design around the rim, he added a separate, raised and boxed, overlaid dome in the center – essentially, an entire, second piece.

Everywhere, the overlaid and stamped, or chiseled, motifs are each remarkably crisp and precise.

They create a balanced, uniform design that is breathtakingly regular and beautifully pleasing.

It is a three-dimensional example of the Navajo concept of Hozh’o, beauty in balance and harmony.

The natural Morenci stone is just as splendid as the silver work: its triangular form is softly rounded and high; the rich teal color marks the finest type of Morenci turquoise.

This is a bolo for serious occasions, like formal events, important meetings, – or Saturday lunch.

It is splendid in design, and magnificent in workmanship. Even the hand braided leather cord is the best of its  kind.

Enjoy your collector’s prize, now; in the future, Alvin Vandever is a name that will be found on museum-worthy pieces, like this one.

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