Stamped Ingot Silver Cuff


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A classic, meticulously executed bracelet of ingot silver, more uncommon and much more difficult to work, even, than the more usual ready-made sheets. Ingots are a bar of solid silver, which the jeweler must hammer down to a workable sheet, before starting on the piece. Only then can the creative work begin. The thickness is a bit greater than usual, owing to the method of fabrication, and the purity of the silver is higher than sterling.Beautifully smooth and burnished, the cuff is chiseled at the edges, and stamped in the center and sides – all by hand, of course. The symmetrical placement of the stamped designs, as well as of the designs themselves, has created a serene and classic pattern. Each individual stamp is precisely placed with one stroke. This is entirely hand-to-eye, and there is no margin of error. What looks simple is usually the most difficult to achieve, as in this contemporary version of traditional Navajo silver design.Flawless technique and an artist’s eye for design combine in this uncommon, ingot silver bracelet that revives the old way of working silver. Old method, new and handsome look, equal classic perfection.


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Ingot (coin) silver

Cuff Size

6 1/2"

Gap Size

1 1/2"

Wrist Size