Stamped Cuff with Royston Turquoise


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Self-taught jeweler Gene Billie tries to blend “classical art and beauty” with a modern and creative sensibility.

This lovely cuff shows he achieves his aim, with traditional techniques and materials, creating a modern, personal look.

Beautifully regular and precise chiseling edges the cuff, with hand stamping in between, including on an applied band across the center.

The various little stamps together resemble ancient hieroglyphics, which lends a different look to the piece; delicate and almost like fabric.

Placed asymmetrically, to extend beyond the border of the cuff, is a gorgeous, natural Royston turquoise.

Many Royston stones are a pleasant, mellow green, but this one is as deep and rich as an emerald.

The small areas of matrix let the stone blend in with the heavily textured silver.

A chiseled bezel and frame also subtly unite the stone with the dominant design of the cuff.

Traditional, but not really, this bracelet is a wonderful fusion of the past and the present.

Fabricated by hand, with a spectacularly vivid stone, and a unique design, this is a special bracelet.

Rounded in form, it fits a 6 1/2″, flat wrist very comfortably.

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