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Stamped Concho Buckle


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Classic and classy, this buckle by the incomparable Jennifer Curtis is an instant heirloom.

A renowned peer called her “the best woman making jewelry”; she has multiple awards for her unbelievably perfect stamping and chisel work.

She says, “If you want to be recognized you must do the job right. What my work represents is what I want someone to see in me – that I care about what I make …”

Just like her famous father and teacher, the late Thomas Curtis, Sr., Jennifer uses extra-hefty silver to chisel and stamp her incredibly precise designs.

Here we have a traditional concho-style buckle, yet it isn’t a repeat. Instead, it is  a creative interpretation of the style.

Centered with a large, diamond shape, pushed out from the other side, the design is a lyrical combination of stamps, curved, pointed and straight.

The ends are chiseled into the traditional, abstract feather fans. They are actually chiseled so deeply that the ends are cut through.

Traditional, but these fans terminate in an unexpected, curled silver form, and are the same width as the pointed scallops on top and bottom.

The animated outline of the buckle is, therefore, both different and in harmony.

Each pointed scallop is stamped with two different stamps that are so precise, they look like one pattern.

In the gently convex center, at least six different stamps join to create a handsome design that seems to dance around the center diamond shape.

Left plain and polished, the rest of the center is mirror-bright, except for the row of comma stamps that forms an oval frame, separating it from the border designs.

Art in the ensemble of stamps and chiseled areas; fabulous workmanship in bringing the vision into dimensional reality.

Note that the working parts, on the back of the buckle, are also entirely handmade of sturdy sterling silver.

It is quite obvious that this artist does care about what she makes.

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Sterling Silver


3 1/2" L x 2 3/4" H