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Stamped Concho Bolo with Red Coral


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His last name isn’t Curtis, but he is related to Jennifer, and the late Thomas, Curtis, and is just as adept with exacting stamp work as they.

All you need to do is look at the photos, to appreciate the finesse and precision of the workmanship in this classic-but-personal design.

Deeply stamped, and cut-out in timeless patterns, the silver is of a sturdy heft.

The natural red coral is the rarest, finest deep red, beautifully cut to harmonize with the shape, size and design of the silver, and to stand out, as well.

Like conchos of old, the shape is circular, but cut into peaked scallops at the outer edge.

To emphasize the design, the silver between each stamp is darkened, adding to the elegant, graphic look of the bolo.

In the center, the gorgeous coral is an oblong, set within a toothed bezel that harmonizes with the incredibly regular stamping that forms a concentric circle.

The rounded oblong is set within a diamond shape, also stamped and darkened, with a quartet of tiny polished domes and a fluted half-bead, at top and bottom points.

This geometric interplay, coupled with the smooth expanses of plain silver, creates a stunning, graphic design.

Long, slender tips are left plain, extending the elegance to the very ends.

A bolo of traditional inspiration, executed with all the refinement and precision we expect today, in a magnificent interpretation  of the design.

Another exceptional bolo, by this artist, for someone who expects and admires the finest in workmanship and materials, while maintaining the best of tradition, in a modern way.


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Handmade Leather, Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver


Bolo is 2 1/2" Diameter | Tips are 2 3/4" L x 1/4" Diameter | Cord is 46" L