Stamped Bracelet



A gifted silversmith, known especially for finely detailed overlay scenes of Navajo traditional life. As modest as she is accomplished, her pieces are refreshingly accessible while her work is impeccable.

Revealing her interest in tradition, this handsome bracelet is heavily and precisely stamped, by hand, in a wonderfully graphic pattern. The stamps are all traditional; the design is her own arrangement of these hand made stamps.

The detail is subtle and effective: notice how the rows of half-circle stamps, above and below the center, are the same – except that each row faces in the opposite direction from the other. The edges of the bracelet are very lightly rippled as well.

Traditional in feel, deeply stamped and beautifully composed, this bracelet would be terrifically handsome on a man or woman!

Additional information


Sterling Silver

Cuff Size


Gap Size

1 3/8"

Wrist Size

7 3/8"