Stamped Band Ring


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Inspired by his father, a wood-worker and welder, he has brought a sculptural quality to most of his major, award-winning jewelry.

Now a mentor and teacher, as well as a working jeweler, he has won Best of Division at the most prestigious shows in the country. (That is a step behind Best in Show.)

Always seeking to explore new boundaries, he makes unique, pieces that are dazzlingly creative.

He is celebrated for his highly complex, scrupulously hand-fabricated work – like this fascinating ring.

Using several techniques, the various elements of the band combine to lend it the flavor of the Middle Ages.

It seems rugged, but every bit of the workmanship is refined and flawless.

Darkened silver is shaped into gentle scallops, and polished to the luster of antique pewter.

At the apex of each scallop, sits a gleaming, tiny dome, of polished silver.

The dark base is stamped in a series of fringed half-circles, surrounding a narrow, applied band that bisects them.

This band is also stamped, with minuscule fans that stream out from the center in opposite directions.

In two different scales, the stamp work creates an intricate, but balanced composition.

Navajo sensibility, materials, techniques, and symbols form a totally unconventional design.

Original, and always extraordinary, his work redefines Navajo jewelry.

PS The ring size can be reduced somewhat.

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