“Stained Glass” Bracelet



An extraordinary artist you’ve probably never heard of, Tsos Allen Brown is nevertheless an award-winning jeweler, revered and praised by his many discerning collectors.

He calls himself “The Stone Weaver”, and looking at the gorgeous inlaid design of this bracelet, it seems as if he truly wove a tapestry of stones, or created a wearable, stained glass window.

Meticulously inlaid in the curved, black onyx base, is a dazzling collection of various shapes, sizes, and materials, all framed in thread-like silver. Some are recognizable; some are truly unusual.

The onyx is overlaid on sterling silver, so the many little stones are inlaid in an inlaid stone.

The design is carefully laid out, in almost mathematical precision, with a fabulous rhythm of rectangles, and squares.

The many stones are just as thoughtfully arranged, so that rich darks and cheerful brights are skillfully composed.

Against the black onyx background, the various colored stones seem to glow, as if lit from behind.

This is a magnificent piece of art that you will wear every day – if you are lucky enough to have a larger wrist size.

Because it is inlaid from end to end, this splendid cuff cannot be sized.

But, you could display it as the work of art it is, on a table easel.

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