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Squirrel Fetish


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This artist is young, but with an established reputation.

His innovative style creates expressive carvings of enormous charm – like this friendly, smiling squirrel.

Not one of the traditional fetish animals, a squirrel is, nevertheless, frequently encountered, and even hunted. (Not this one, he’s too appealing.)

Carved from one piece of natural hematite, the sone is an unusual choice.

The reddish-brown coloration of this iron ore material is close to squirrels’ furry hue.

As in many of this carver’s fetishes, the emotion comes from the wonderful pose: head turned, looking up, inquiring and ready to make friends.

The natural variations in the stone seem to emphasize the form and posture of the carving – thanks to the artist’s ability.

Not really abstract, as in traditional fetishes, but not realistically detailed, either, this carving is a marvelous compromise between the two styles.

This is one squirrel that will definitely welcome in your home!

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Natural Hematite


1 1/4" H x 1 7/8" L x 1 1/8" Deep