Squash Blossom Dangles


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This son of award-winner Allison “Snowhawk” Lee has certainly absorbed his father’s high standards and great talent, judging by the work he has brought us – like these terrific earrings.

Squash blossom necklaces and earrings are among the earliest styles created by Navajo silversmiths; they are iconic today.

However, this jeweler has created a modern twist on this historic style; these are not really your grandma’s squash blossom earrings.

Combining hand-fluted silver beads, made in two halves, hand made silver rings, and graceful squash blossoms, he has assembled a design that looks antique, but is his own take on tradition.

The beads and squash blossoms swing and sway with your head’s motion, very fetchingly.

The silver is lightly brushed, to emphasize the old-fashioned inspiration; each element is fastidiously made by hand.

These will make every outfit festive.

If you have a squash blossom necklace to wear with them, the combination will be handsome, and ultra-traditional.

If you wear these earrings alone, they will be deliciously flirty and becoming.

Can’t go wrong with these beautifully designed, and well-made dangles!


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Sterling Silver


2 5/8" L X