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Squared Top Olla with Cornstalks


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Now 80 years old, this matriarch of Jemez pottery was recently honored as a Local Treasure. As well as this award, and many, many more, she is credited with reviving the serious (as opposed to “tourist” quality) pottery tradition at her pueblo. She taught her daughters, award-winning potters Glendora Fragua and BJ Fragua, and also her nationally celebrated sculptor son, Cliff Fragua, as well as so many others. She may be starting her ninth decade, but this lady is a smart little bundle of energy and – looking at this striking olla – skill. Her artistry continues to amaze and delight.Traditional symbols of rain, water, wind, and feathers are arranged in a compelling pattern that emphasizes the form of the piece. Cornstalks, the hoped-for result of the rain and water, are displayed as well. Stone-polished red clay slip creates a band around the squared-off rim. This contemporary touch gives the otherwise traditional pot a special flair, and is difficult to achieve when coiling clay. The creamy clay slip is also burnished with a hand-held stone, while the black accents, that add drama to the piece, are painted on with an infusion of wild spinach leaves. Classic, with individual flourishes, this olla is a wonderful example of long-lived experience and artistic gifts. A good size for display, too; neither too large, nor too small. Just right, in many, many ways.

Natural Clay, Natural clay Slips and Pigment

Height: 8 7/8″ Diameter: 8 5/8″