Squared Olla


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Martha is a member of the historical, artistic elite of Pueblo pottery-makers.

Her great-aunt was the legendary Maria Martinez, who rediscovered the technique of traditional San Ildefonso black pottery, over a century ago.

Her mother was the prominent potter Carmelita Dunlap, and Martha has established her own exceptional reputation for fine pottery.

She is celebrated for the brilliant polish of her work, and the traditional designs associated with her family.

She is also well-known for her green clay, a discovery she made herself, and even trademarked as “Appleleaf Green”!

This olla is full of traditional symbolism that Martha has used in different combinations on many of her pieces. This shape, however, is very different than most.

The contrast of the green clay slip on the darkly fired clay that makes up the body of the olla is something you can expect in a Martha Appleleaf piece.

Beautiful construction, Pueblo symbolism, excellent stone-polishing, and that trademark green clay are a winning combination, both at art shows and on your mantel!

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