Squared Cranes Vase


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A highly reputed member of the distinguished Naranjo family of potters, Dusty was destined to follow in the celebrated footsteps of her grandmother, Rose Naranjo, her mother, Bernice, sister Caroline, aunts Dolly Naranjo, Nora Naranjo-Morse, Jody Folwell, nephew Jonathan Naranjo, and cousins Roxanne Swentzel and Susan Folwell.

That is quite a line-up of talent, and this artist is right up there in awards, as well.

Her pottery, like this gorgeous vase, is modern with traditional elements, and often in this luscious, chocolate brown. (This brown, between red and black, is a tradition in Dusty’s family.)

The piece manages to be a beautifully tapered oval, and squared off, at the same time.

There are four separate panels, that start off curved, and end up in a square, at the top.

The two  main motifs involve graceful cranes, “drawn” in sgrafitto etching, a favorite technique of the artist.

They are shown against fine line rain symbols, with curlicues depicting clouds,  and wind. Stepped rain signs finish off these two panels, at the top of the jar.

These panels are a richly designed mix of a stone-polished, dark brown base, that is etched lightly with rainfall lines and feathers, and a lovely cocoa-colored, matte clay slip that was painted on.

The cranes are deeply etched, so the creamy-beige base clay shows up as a handsome contrast, delineating their forms.

The other two panels are simpler, mainly showing off gleaming, dark brown, stone polished clay.

There are lightly etched rain, cloud and wind signs, tweaked into a large format, with touches of the cocoa-hued painted slip, as accents.

The satin-smooth feel of these panels contrasts with the multi-level etching on the bird panels.

This piece combines a compelling form with complex ornamentation, splendid stone polishing, and lovely designs .

Both traditional, and not, they complement the form  beautifully.

A five-star piece from this accomplished member of an illustrious pottery family.




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Natural Clay, Natural Clay Slip


8" high x 4" diameter at bottom