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Squared Bead Necklace


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A veteran jeweler, her work has greatly evolved from the traditional Navajo style of her earliest works, when she collaborated with her then-husband, the equally gifted Jack Tom,

As seen here, her new work links tradition and the 21st century, in a distinctive and original way.

This remarkably gorgeous necklace evokes the classic silver beads that are part of Navajo jewelry heritage.

But, as the necklace descends, from the four-sided ergonomic cones, to the more traditional flattened beads, then to elongated cylinders, it explodes into a flurry of amazingly original, sandwiched and pillowed squares.

This is an uncommonly attractive design, and every piece is fabricated with the refinement and precision this artist is known to bring to silver work.

Mary is recognized as a master bead-maker, and this necklace is medley of varied shapes, some classic, some her own creative design; all superbly fashioned and finished.

This is not”Indian jewelry” – it is stunning, timeless jewelry, wearable anywhere in the world, by an artist who happens  to be Navajo.

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22" L | Largest Bead is 7/8" square


Sterling Silver