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Square Vase


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Simplicity isn’t simple, in handmade art; there is no way to hide glitches and slips.

That’s why only the finest and most skillful artists attempt perfectly simple pieces, like this beautiful vase.

A fifth-generation, award -winning potter who has emerged as a major talent, Dominique recently added Best of Division, at the Santa Fe Indian Market (the highest honor, beyond Best of Show) to her many awards.

Completely traditional in fabrication, from gathering the clay around her pueblo, to coiling, smoothing, painting with a slurry of natural micaceous clay, and firing in the ground, only the form is different from her ancestors’ pieces.

The precise angles of the piece, and the brilliant contrast of softly wavy lines for the rim, are evidence of the artist’s skill and highly developed esthetic.

The only ornamentation, aside from the wave-like edge at the top, is the subtle sparkle of the mica-infused clay.

If you must add to it, use only naturally dried, or silk plants.

DO NOT EVER put water in this, unless you prefer a mound of mud.

Perfectly formed and proportioned, the vase is elegant and majestic, despite its modest size.

Traditional methods; contemporary design.

A masterful piece by this acknowledged master potter.


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Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slip


5 3/4" H x 3 5/8" W x 3 1/8" Deep