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Square Glass Olla


Rounded diamond shape, glass olla; Titanium glaze around rim; snd-blasted water, rain, and corn symbols.

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Sculptor, musician, jeweler, and blown glass artist, Adrian has created a new, magical piece. It looks as evanescent as a bubble, but it is reassuringly solid.

Individual and contemporary in form, the decoration is traditional, giving the piece a beautiful yin/yang feel. A rounded diamond shape with a circular opening, the pleasing tension extends to the form itself.

The clear glass reflects the hues around it, so there seems to be a light iridescence to it depending on whether the background is white, dark, or colorful.

Circling the round rim, a dark, shiny band was created by spraying the still-warm glass with titanium. This added texture also mimics the painted rims sometimes seen on pottery pieces.

Large matte curlicues, stepped motifs, and other watery symbols adorn the four sides of the body, which flow into each other with rounded edges. Here too, the difference in texture creates additional interest.

On one side a stylized cornstalk is visible, the fruit of all the hoped-for water. Stylistically and symbolically, the watery designs are linked to the wish for a good harvest.

With its aura of delicate solidity, this beautiful glass olla is a remarkable blend of innovative form and traditional symbolism executed in a totally contemporary medium.

Can’t you imagine this in  your home, with light shining through it?!

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Glass, Titanium Glaze