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Square Flower Earrings


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Mary is known for “painting” with stones. Her unique, often abstract, designs are her own interpretation of the mosaic inlay work that is historically traditional in her Santo Domingo (now Kewa) pueblo.

She sketches her ideas first, inspired by nature, or her imagination.

Then, she searches for stones, shells, and other materials, cutting them to fit her concept and complete her vision.

Free-form, abstract, and based on nature, the bold design and subtle, but dramatic, colors seen here are immediately recognizable as her work.

Set in a slab of natural jet, the unusual materials stand out against the dark background. Stark white alabaster pieces form a frame around the central flower.

Glittering, sugary lepidolite adds its soft lavender hue to the petals, with a center of rounded white alabaster, to balance the composition.

A charming and unexpected curl of inlaid olive shell softens the rigid, square lines, and adds a light hue that compromises between the stark white and the lavender.

Totally unique – as her work always is – these earrings are both pretty, and dramatic, an unusual combination that is hard to achieve.

Enjoy the compliments when you wear these! (And don’t forget to ask us about the matching necklace!)

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Black Jet, Lepidolite, Natural Olive Shell, White Alabaster


1 1/2" L


1 1/4" W