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Square Druzy Earrings


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A master jeweler, painter, teacher, tribal leader, and more, this remarkable artist works with special stones and sets them in simple styles, to their greatest advantage.

Not at all like traditional Zuni jewelry, except for cutting and setting beautiful stones, in elegant designs, like this handsome, and different, pair of earrings.

Playing with geometry, the award-winning artist has placed a raised oval druzy in the center of a silver square.

The only decoration are the chiseled lines at the four sides of the silver.

This is reminiscent of the New Mexico Zia symbol, an ancient Pueblo sign, seen on the state flag.

However, there is nothing traditional about the stone he chose!

Druzy is a natural growth of crystals, often within a geode.  The most common is quartz, which can be dyed to various hues, but garnet, can be found, as well as other minerals.

This druzy has the glittering texture that is characteristic, and has a muted gold or bronze tinge.

It is set high, with a darkened area surrounding it, which accentuates the silver’s gleam, and emphasizes the sparkle of the druzy too.

Striking in their simplicity and neutral palette, the earrings are made with the perfection you expect from this consummate jeweler.

They are ideal for work, and will twinkle at night, too.

A wonderful opportunity to acquire a typically sleek, modern, and surprisingly accessible, piece by this outstanding artist.

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Natural Druzy, Sterling Silver


1" square