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Square Deer Seedpot


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A renowned potter, noted for her superb quality and unique, contemporary takes on ancient designs.

This square, boxed vessel is traditional in inspiration, materials and process – and totally non-traditional in appearance.

For a start, the top is slanted, rather than flat. The rest of the piece is a normal square.

The hard-edged geometric form is emphasized by the large-scale triangular design, and softened by the exquisite, archaic-style painting of the deer.

The delicate, colorful shading at the corners represent the four directions of the earth, and the four seasons.

In form, this is a creative version of a seed pot: the geometric finial lifts out, revealing the little hole traditionally used for storing seeds.

The construction and painting are impeccable; the clay and clay slips are all natural, as is the dark brown, derived from brewing wild spinach into paint.

As is all her work, this piece is just about perfect,


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Vegetal Paint, Natural Handmade Clay and Clay Slip


4 7/8" square x 3 3/4" H