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Besides many awards, this artist has earned a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico, and a coveted Fellowship from SWAIA, the sponsors of Santa Fe Indian Market.

His training in studio art shows in his skillful use of paint, as well as the versatility of his styles.

Equally at home in abstract and realistic modes, he says: “My paintings are expressions of who I am, an individual co-existing between worlds. I use traditional aspects of my culture, to communicate in a contemporary society.” “Sprinkle” is a delightful example of this.

Playing with color, contrast, design, balance, and texture, this painting is an unexpected combination of the lovingly realistic and the exuberantly non-representational.

Pete’s mastery of his skill is evident in the confident manipulation of paint, color and composition.

He says he feels “a painting is more interesting if it has a sense of mystery….”

So, what “meaning” is there, in this pairing of a realistic hummingbird, in full flight and finely detailed, and the sweeping motion of the colorful background?

Colors and stepped forms in the background are traditional, symbolizing rain, sky, land, the night sky and the sun (the golden hues at the right).

In front, a carefully exact rendering of a red-throated hummingbird. Hummers are honored for their role in pollinating plants and, by extension, crops.

So, this might be a modern version of honoring the balance of nature, the hope for a good harvest, or celebrating the sprinkling of raindrops, or….

According to the artist, don’t worry about it; just enjoy the masterful painting, the beautiful colors and the invigorating energy.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas


10" H X 20" L