Spring Time Cuff


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Growing up on the Navajo reservation near Totah (Three Rivers), the artist has always lived around water (which is scarce and precious on the high desert) and incorporates some reference to it in almost every piece.

Now based in Santa Fe, Cheryl regularly shows her modern-traditional jewelry at Indian Market, and has devoted collectors all over the country, and beyond.

Throughout her career, Cheryl has found inspiration in many people, places, and things, however, this one-of-a-kind design came about in a different way than most of her ideas.

Cheryl was inspired to make this beautiful bracelet by a song a good friend wrote. The message was that regardless of how things are going now during this pandemic and everything else that’s affecting us daily, Spring will come no matter what.

This resonated with Cheryl and she showed it in this stunning bracelet, as the concept is simple, but the workmanship is amazing!

The bracelet features a few items that signify the Spring, including a dragonfly, a flower featuring a Topaz in its center, a bumblebee with a Serpentine cabochon, and a smaller flower.

There is evidence of the ancient Korean gilding technique of Keum-boo throughout, as the artist has combined gold and silver by creating a diffusion bond through the way she heats the metals. This technique is uncommon in the Native art world, and Cheryl is one of the few who have mastered it and used it in art pieces.

The entire piece is darkened and high-polished, giving it a certain “pop” and really showcasing all of the appliqued pieces and the beautiful centerpiece, a cabochon of Natural Turquoise Mountain Turquoise. The wavy curves of the cuff combined with the light blue of the stone reference water, a harbinger for a good Spring, and healthy animals.

The workmanship is precise and fastidious, the design is delightful, and the result is enchanting!

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