Spring Planting Olla

Marcellus and Elizabeth Medina


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Spring will spring eternally when you place this animated olla on your mantel, shelf, or table.

A charming collaboration between this award-winning potter wife and painter husband, it is alive with butterflies, flowers, birds, and dancers evoking a good planting season.

Traditionally formed of native clay, it is partially coated with a burnished white clay slip and painted in a variety of vivid and cheery colors.

Divided into three sections, one side features the iconic Pueblo bird, boldly painted in black, with graceful flowers on either side, at the bottom.

The soft red of the flower petals accords with the burnished red at the top of the piece; black arrow forms create the divisions between this and the next painted areas.

Softly shaded gold and black butterflies hover above.

The next vignette depicts a beautifully painted, realistic figure of a female dancer.  She carries an evergreen sprig is one hand, and a gourd rattle in the other.

Seen from the back, her vivid sash flutters as she lifts her foot in mid-step.

Two eagle feathers are attached to a pompom of evergreen in her long, swaying hair as her head is slightly turned to the left.

Two of the same, soft red flowers spring up at either side of her foot.

Partially seen, a butterfly is on one side, above, and a smaller black bird is on the right.

The third and last side shows a stylized Kokopelli dancer. His hunched back is spattered with raindrops and arches symbolizing falling rain.

Eagle feathers, signs of prayers – in this case, for rain – parade down from his head to his back. His yellow face symbolizes the sun, partner to the rain.

In his hands, he carries an evergreen sprig, and the blowpipe that he uses to plant the seeds of all things.

Kilt and sash are painted in clear, joyous colors anchored by black elements.

This makes the bright hues really stand out against the pure white background.

With graphic and vibrant designs, this smaller, but beautiful, olla is gracefully shaped and exquisitely painted.

It will brighten your home with Spring showers and flowers, all year long.

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