Spirit of the Water Painting

Bill Dixon Jr.



Bill Dixon, Jr. is a fabulously gifted artist. His famous work ranges from album covers to the Nascar world, to abstracts and Native themes and landscapes.

All of them, in every genre, are haunting, and avidly collected.

He is a brother of legendary jeweler Carl Clark, and exhibits the family’s prodigious talent, in his own medium.

This oil on canvas, is more than merely realistic. It is a bit surreal, or imbued with magical realism. Whatever you choose to call it, it is eerily beautiful.

A pottery water canteen, decorated with ancient water designs, hovers in mid-air, above a sunlit, rushing stream. Lush greenery and rocks surround it, with a rocky cliff in the background.

As always, the painting is assured, precise, detailed and life-like. Light is an important component in creating the illusion of three-dimensional space.

This mysteriously affecting painting combines the pleasures of landscape and still life in one beautiful, mesmerizing package.

Framed by the artist, it is ready to hang in your home.

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