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Spirit of the Owl Sculpture


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Gordon Van Wert is a well-known and respected sculptor, of Ojibway origin. He used to live in the southwest, but now resides in his native North Country along the Canadian border. This alabaster owl is one he made for us while he lived in New Mexico.Owl spirits are revered as symbols of the wisest of spiritual leaders, among the artist’s tribe. Beautifully carved in snowy alabaster from Utah, this combination of an owl, atop a man’s head, symbolizes this belief of the owl guiding the wise elder.The smoothly finished, dark wooden base, hand carved by the sculptor, provides a lustrous contrast to the luminous white alabaster. It also repeats the dark earthy matrix seen here and there in the alabaster, adroitly manipulated by the artist so it appears mostly where shadows would, under feathers, hair, etc.

Alabaster, Wood

Width: 8″ Height: 10 1/2″ Depth: 6 1/2″