Journey Necklace

Julius Eustace


All silver necklace of graduated spirals, with narrow oval of natural, King’s Manassa turquoise pendant. Hand made chain and hook. Pendant has two dots of 18-karat gold.

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This artist is known for stylish jewelry that refers to the past in a modern way. He is a nephew of Jolene Eustace, grandson of the late Felicita and Ben Eustace, and related to many others in that large and gifted family.

This strikingly handsome necklace features one of the artist’s favorite designs, the river of life. An ancient symbol found on pre-historic rock art, the spiral represents the flow of water, a blessing for high desert farmers. This design is sometimes also referred to as the path, or journey, of life.

The precise execution of each of the overlaid spirals is amazing. See how meticulously each of the twelve side spirals is graduated, from smallest at the top, to the largest, just above the central pendant. Each one has been cut, soldered and polished over the flat, darkened silver base. In addition, each spiral has a tiny fluted bead at the bottom, also graduated in size to match the spiral.

In the center, the largest of these elements is just like all the others – except for a slender oval of earthy green turquoise that hangs from it. This stone is natural, and from the King’s Manassa mine in Colorado. It is no longer in operation, although it is thought that turquoise was mined there as far back as the Anasazi period! At the top and bottom of the turquoise is a tiny fluted bead, to tie it to the rest of the design. These, however, are of 18-karat gold, rather than silver, which brings out the warm tones of the stone.

The expert workmanship extends to the chain. Every link, between the spirals and above them, to, and including, the substantial hook, was carefully fashioned by hand. The artist has thoughtfully made the circular links all the same size, so the length of the necklace can be made shorter, if desired, to fit different necklines.

True to his reputation, this younger artist has created a scrupulously fabricated, esthetically pleasing necklace that is easy to wear, and goes with casual to dressy clothes. Beautiful and comfortable this is a new classic that you can wear everywhere and often.











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22 1/4"


Largest Spiral is 1" diameter, Smallest is 3/8" diameter


18-Karat Gold, Sterling Silver