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Julius is a nephew of Jolene Eustace, grandson of the late Felicita, and Ben Eustace, and related to many others in that large and gifted family of artists.

He is known for stylish jewelry that refers to the past in a modern way, and these marvelous earrings demonstrate that, with  wearable chic.

Half beads of sterling silver are backed with a flat piece of silver, so they are comfy on the ear.

The round surface is heavily textured, and somewhat darkened which better shows up the glistening 14-karat gold spiral applied over it.

This is the age-old symbol for the path of life, and also, for flowing water, so a good luck sign.

Classic in appearance, but creatively designed to bridge tradition and current time, these are timeless earrings that you can wear every day – beautifully!

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Sterling Silver I 14-Karat Gold


5/8" Diameter