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Spiny Oyster Tab Necklace


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Here’s a real stunner! Natural, coral-red spiny oyster shell has bee cut, polished and strung by the creative hands of this younger artist.The regularity and balanced pattern of the tapered tabs is animated by the natural, subtle differences of pattern and hue in each of them. Sterling silver embraces the center tab, adding a bit of glitter and gleam to the smooth shells. Notice the little suggestion of heart shapes at the top of each tab? How perfect for a special gift, at any time and for any occasion!Meticulous in execution, vibrant in hue, striking in pattern, this necklace will enhance every shirt, blouse, sweater or dress. The color of fire in winter, the hue of flowers in summer, and beautiful all year round.

Sterling Silver, Natural Spiny Oyster Shell

Length: 18 3/4″