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Spiny Oyster Shell Exclamation Point Dangles


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Tommy Jackson is renowned for his colorful, wearable jewelry that is eagerly collected all over the world.

Here, he departs from his more customary modern inlay to create dramatic earrings that are creatively retro, or old-fashioned, if you prefer.

Natural, orange spiny oyster shell radiates warmth as if gilded by the setting sun.

The artist cut the shell into two pieces; one, long and tapered, the other a handsome oval. They look like archaic exclamation points on that roughened silver.

These are set high above a truncated oval of heavily textured and darkened silver, so the sun-warmed colors leap out.

Applied edges are minutely stamped, and follow the curve of the base silver.

Like a sunbeam, shining in a dark and surly sky, these earrings are spectacular.

Lovely shells, intriguing design, and assured fabrication: Enjoy the inquiring and admiring comments!

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Natural Orange Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver


2" L x 7/8" W