Spiny Oyster Shell Corn Row Cuff

Veronica Benally


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Red earth; blue sky. The Navajo ideal of nature in balance is translated into this understated sensation of a bracelet that will turn heads whenever you wear it – which will be almost all the time.

Inspired by the “corn-row” style of raised stones, that resemble kernels of corn, the inlaid, raised strips of pinkish-red spiny oyster shell are artfully varied in width, and length. Bright blue turquoise, varying in length, is interspersed among the spiny oyster shell.

The patterns seem haphazard, but both the splendidly vivid shell and the turquoise accents are arranged in quite a symmetrical design. The varied lengths of both materials, and the natural variations in the markings of the spiny oyster shell, create an illusion of randomness. The shell and stones are flawlessly inlaid in a beautifully gleaming cuff of sterling silver, which is chiseled and stamped, by hand, on each end.

Veronica Benally is a much-admired, award-winning artist. She is noted for her creative, classic and chic designs, glorious color, and expert technique – all evident in this ravishing streak of sunset color. Plus, this gorgeous bracelet, like all her pieces, is easy to wear.

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Band Width


Wrist Size

6 1/4" total, 5"+ 1/1/4" gap


Natural Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Bracelet Sizing

Spiny Oyster Shell Corn Row Cuff

Measure your wrist with a soft tape measure. Run it around the wrist, not too tightly or too loosely, just in front of the wrist bone. That is the measurement that we use for each bracelet on our website.

THE “CUFF” MEASUREMENT INCLUDES THE TOTAL CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE BRACELET, INCLUDING THE GAP. The width denotes the widest part of the cuff, itself. If your wrist size is substantially greater than the bracelet’s, it will be too small.

Some bracelets may be adjusted slightly, case by case. Bracelets with inlaid stones around the entire surface cannot be sized. For any doubts, please contact us with your wrist size and information about the bracelet(s) and we can check the compatibility.