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Spiny Oyster Shell Bolo


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This jeweler is tremendously talented but not self-promoting. He has followed Navajo tradition in not promoting himself, but setting fine stones in settings that showcase them. Spiny oyster shell, glowing with the golden warmth of the setting sun, is the star of this stunning bolo, but the silver work is a fine supporting partner. Together, they create a smash hit.

With a smooth surface, the polished shell exhibits a range of sunny hues, from golden yellow to russet, in a natural, streaky pattern. Surrounding it, the overlaid silver has been textured to contrast, and lightly antiqued, with a densely blackened background. Against the grainy grey of the silver, the shell is as radiant as sunlight against gathering storm clouds.

The design of the silver frame does include rain symbols, as well as feathery lines that invoke fans of feathers, symbolizing prayers – in this case, for rain. These are strong, traditional good luck signs. Along with the sunshine-hued spiny oyster shell, the artist has created a perfect harmony of sun and rain – the ideal balance of nature.

Exemplary silver work continues in the elegantly tapered tips, also covered with texture. The whole piece is imaginative and unusually striking, offering a modern look that incorporates the most traditional of symbols.

Beauty and skill equal a splendid bolo, sure to attract admiration from all, anywhere in the world. (PS The length of the cord may be adjusted to suit.)








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Hand-Braided Leather, Natural Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver


Bolo is 3" long x 1 3/4" wide, Leather is 44" long