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Spiny Oyster Ring


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The Lee brothers collaborate on their superbly crafted jewelry, with Albert signing the pieces.

This classic ring showcases the exquisite workmanship, fine stones, and design they are known for.

Heavy gauge silver, beautifully polished and formed, sets off the top-quality, large, spiny oyster shell.

The unusual, natural, reddish-purpleish color seems to glow with mysterious depths. The artful choice of silver rope frame adds textural interest.

The inner bezel is simply polished silver, which coordinates with the round “hogan’s at each side of the center.

They have kept to the traditional Navajo design of a knockout stone, simply set, but give it a thoroughly contemporary kick.

With refined, heavy silver work and an uncommon stone, this ring keeps to tradition, but has a bold new look.

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Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver

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Face Size: 1 5/8"


Face Size: 7/8"