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Spiny Oyster Arrowhead Ring


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A master of inlay and color, this eminent jeweler knows when to leave a fascinating stone on its own, highlighting its unique beauty.

Here, a gloriously red, natural spiny oyster shell is is covered with bands of naturally occurring streaks, that look like a sunset.

The long, tapered oval reminded the artist of an arrowhead since he emphasized that in the silver work.

Wise in experience, artistry, and skill, Tommy chose to fabricate a silver frame that works well with this beguiling stone. (Shell, really.)

Raised above a bed of flat silver, the stone is held by a simple bezel.

The silver base is darkened and cut to conform to the shape of the stone.

The widest part is cut into points, with a zig-zag band of polished silver applied on top.

Textured edges are also polished, to stand out against the dark background, but nothing distracts from the glorious centerpiece of spiny oyster shell.

A simple, two-bar shank can be sized if you wish.

Unusual, beautiful, and modern – despite the allusion to a traditional Native symbol – this ring has the expected Tommy Jackson panache and expertise.

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Natural Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

5 1/2


Face is 1 3/8" L x 7/8" W at widest