Spinning Sunface Link Bracelet


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There is no question that Don Dewa is a master, revered by his peers, and enjoyed by his many collectors.

Using traditional symbols and materials, he blends them into familiar, but unique designs with precision and flair.

His signature motif is the reversible, spinning Sunface, which he invented, seen in the center of this colorful, meticulously inlaid bracelet.

It is his own innovation, and lots of fun to twirl, and to change the look.

The silver bracelet is impeccably constructed, with oval silver links joining the convex, inlaid pieces.

The outer edges of the three silver links are cut into plump scallops.

Each link has a different, and complex, inlaid pattern, but there is a certain symmetry in the asymmetrical design.

The repetition of the same materials and colors gives the bracelet a pleasing harmony, even though the inlaid designs vary.

All the materials are traditional, and natural: deep red coral, Sleeping Beauty turquoise, black jet, and mother of pearl.

The center link and the one to its right are inlaid with animated diagonal areas, each tiny piece of stone separated by a thread-like, silver channel.

These inlaid pieces of coral and turquoise are tapered, and the longest turquoise one in each link ends in a point, following the shape of the silver base.

Slashes of black jet emphasize the energetic design, in both links.

However, the link to the left of the center one is inlaid in little vertical rows of coral and turquoise, separated by a horizontal black jet row.

The colors, and band of jet, are the same in each link, so the one difference is visually intriguing; livening up the composition.

The last link on either end is a silver rectangle, framing an abstract, textured silver interior. A handmade silver claw clasp completes the piece.

In the center, is the Dewa specialty, an inlaid Sunface, with mother of pearl face, jet features, and a forehead divided into coral and turquoise, for earth and sky, or water.

It is within a flat circle of polished silver, and twirls easily to reveal a second, inlaid design on the other side!

This side is an abstract trio of coral and turquoise, separated by a vertical band of jet, with silver channels., so it fits seamlessly into the inlaid patterns on the three links.

This geometric design creates a more dramatic effect than the face on the reverse.

Not just another Sunface, this is a striking, beautifully made bracelet by an award-winning jeweler.

Change it around to suit your mood or clothing; this is also fun to twirl around when you’re waiting for the bus or your date.

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Inlaid Natural Jet, Inlaid Natural Red Coral, Inlaid Natural Turquoise, Natural Mother of Pearl, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

6 1/2" – 6 3/4"


3/4" W at Center