Spinning Sunface Buckle

Don Dewa


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A brilliant array of traditional colors, materials and symbolism, transformed into a beautifully dramatic, modern design.

The artist, a highly respected and avidly collected jeweler, creates pieces of meticulous inlay that are both faithful to tradition and highly individual.

This vibrant buckle is a splendid example of his art and craft.

His favorite Sunface motif is placed off-center. Diagonal bars of vivid, red coral, sky-blue turquoise, and strong accents of black jet – all natural – fan out from it like multiple, bright sun rays.

The gorgeously hued materials are finely cut, polished and inlaid in this bold, animated pattern.

There is a shaped tab of jet at each corner of the piece, to contain the composition.

Surrounded by all that linear motion, the Sunface is a circle of tranquility.

At the far right of the buckle, a vertical section interrupts the sidelong thrust of the inlaid diagonals, keeping the viewer’s eye on the Sunface.

A fabulously wrought eagle feather stands in this area, inlaid of mother of pearl, jet and exquisitely delicate silver pin-feathers, at the base.

An extension of the inlaid red coral border at the top  continues to the right of this, with an inlaid turquoise border at left and below.

The whole is framed by a chiseled silver edge.

Red coral represents the land and warmth; the lovely blue turquoise stands in for the sky and water.

Together with the sun symbol and the eagle feather, they bring the design from strictly decorative to traditionally meaningful, as well.

The (hot) sun is aligned with (the cool) water, to form a natural balance; the eagle feather is the sign that transmits this up to the heavens, as a prayer.

This balance of water and sun will ensure a thriving harvest, and therefore, good luck, happiness, and good health.

Filaments of silver channels glisten in-between some of the inlaid stones.

And there is even more to this than just a splendidly colorful and well-wrought buckle with a message.

The Sunface itself can be twirled, to show its other, strictly decorative side! This is a signature innovation of the artist.

Inlaid on the other side, broad stripes of the same jet, red coral and turquoise echo the palette of the piece, but present a more contemporary design.

Just flick the circle, and the Sunface will appear again. Something to do while waiting for someone or something!

Notice that every bit of this buckle is hand wrought, even the parts where you attach and fasten your belt.

This is an outstanding piece of excellent inlay work, superior stones, creative imagination, and clever engineering, by a very unique jeweler.


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