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Spinning Sunface Bracelet


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This bracelet is a marvel of creative skill, flawlessly executed and vibrantly colorful.

As he brings the traditional past into the present, with innovative flair, there is no question that Don Dewa is a master, revered by his peers and enjoyed by his many collectors.

His signature motif is the reversible, spinning Sunface, which he invented, as seen in the center of this colorful, handsome bracelet. It is his own innovation,

Silver, jet, red coral and clear blue turquoise, along with mother of pearl, are the traditional materials of Zuni inlaid jewelry.

His two-sided, spinning Sunface, has the classic facial design on one side.

On the other, accessed simply by twirling the Sunface easily with your finger, is an abstract pattern of the same colors: natural red coral, sky-blue turquoise, and a stripe of jet in the center.

Surrounding the Sunface is an area of inlaid jet, arranged to radiate out from the center. To one side of the jet is a row of natural red coral, inlaid vertically, like a fence.

Pure aqua, natural turquoise is similarly lined up on the other side of the jet center. This arrangement of stones is strikingly colorful.

Hair-thin silver channels accentuate the composition of shapes, and bring the glitter of metal into the heart of the design.

There is a rounded border of chiseled silver above and below the inlaid areas, which adds even more touches of sparkle.

At the ends of the cuff the silver borders are simple and rectilinear, but…inside the borders, the cuff is filled with an abstract, bas-relief pattern.

This fused silver  pattern is a great contrast to the smooth surfaces elsewhere.

Remarkable creativity and skill, and a firm sense of esthetics, are all contained in this lovely bracelet.

With the spinning Sunface, you now have something to do while waiting for a bus, an appointment, or your date!

Enjoy its beauty, and its comfort, too.

(There is a matching bracelet in a larger wrist size, on our website, so you and your bestie can match – beautifully.)

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Jet, Mother of Pearl, Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 1/4"

Gap Size

1 1/4"

Wrist Size

6 1/2"