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Spectacular Silver Bead Choker


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Allison Lee “Snowhawk” – a name given to him by his grandmother – is a jeweler who consistently wins major awards, including Best of (Jewelry) Division, at Santa Fe Indian Market a step below Best in Show.

He is known for finely detailed and well-designed pieces that are flawlessly made.

This magnificent necklace is a beautiful example.

An individual, and modern version of the classic “Navajo Pearls”, i.e. round silver beads, this spectacular version goes way, way beyond the usual.

Large, globular silver beads are all the same size and are interspersed with large, flat, deeply fluted beads, toward the front.

Every bit, even the beautiful silver cones and clasp, is meticulously hand made.

In a shorter -than-classic- length, this choker is big, bold, and dazzling to behold.

It is a fashion statement, rather than merely another handsome Native necklace, and can be worn day and night, with just about everything, from sweaters to out-for-the-evening wear.

Expertly fabricated by hand, the design, the scale, and the finish of each bead are awe-inspiring.

The fluted beads are darkened, in between the raised ribs, to emphasize the dramatic, graphic design and shape.

Together, each bead, and the clasp, contributes to an outstanding whole.

Everything about this gorgeous necklace says “exceptional beauty and quality!” in execution, materials, and design.

It is an outstanding heirloom piece that will be happily worn for years and years – and might well be requested for a museum show, too.

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Sterling Silver


17" L, Fluted beads are 7/8" Diameter and 1/4" Thick | Round Beads are 5/8" Diameter